Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Effective Tips On Maintaining Your Swimming Pool

Swimming pools are the best entertainment for people of all ages. Adults love to swim while kids play in a swimming pool. Thus maintaining your pool is of great importance as the pool can be a source of infection for people who are using it. It is important that you schedule your pool maintenance so that you can ensure a clean and hygienic pool for your guests. You can visit the link to know about the review of popular robotic pool cleaner. For more info on the benefits of swimming in a clean pool, you can visit several trustable sites online. 
The article below talks about the tips on maintaining your swimming pool.

Skimming And Scrubbing
These are the activities that must be regularly  practiced so that your pool is clean and ready for use. Skimming is nothing but removing the debris collected inside the pool. A robot vacuum cleaner can perform effective skimming of your pool. If your pool is located at a place surrounded by trees, then it is necessary that you perform skimming daily. There are chances for algae build up on the side of the pool walls. This can be removed by performing scrubbing in a regular basis. You can make use of a scrub brush for this purpose.

Cleaning The Filter
The pool filter is important as it is considered as the kidney of your swimming pool. The filter helps in removing the dirt from the water present inside the pool. Filters must be cleaned once a week based on the impurities collected on it. It is also necessary that you clean the pipes used for filtration at least once a month. You can follow backwash method to clean the filter pipes. See that you do not turn on and off your filter frequently as this might result in the development of cracks.

Maintaining Proper Chemical Levels
It is essential that you maintain the chemical levels of your pool so that you can avoid the growth of microorganisms like bacteria. See that you test your water with the help of testing kits to check the chemical levels in your pool. When you maintain your pool water with proper chemical levels, then you can witness your pool water to be crystal clear. 

Use Of Baking Soda
People add up sodium bicarbonate chemical to the pool for balancing the PH levels. You might feel that this chemical is costly so that you cannot afford for regular maintenance of your swimming pool. Baking soda is a cheap alternative that can be used for balancing the PH levels of your pool.

Shocking Your Pool
There are situations when your pool is used for a public party, and it looks cloudy and murky. You must get rid of the bacteria inside your pool. This can be done by shocking your pool by increasing the chlorine levels. This helps to kill the bacteria present in the pool water quickly. You can perform this maintenance activity only when it is required.

Perform Power Washing
It is important that you clean the area surrounding your pool. This is called as pool deck. You can perform power washing so that you clean the stains and dirt surrounding your pool.

The above are some of the practical and useful tips that would help pool owners to keep their pool clean and tidy.