Sunday, 11 December 2016

All About Choosing Your Customized Curtains

The curtain is an important accessory in the interior decoration of a home. It is not only an accessory that fits a window and matches the color of your wall. It's objective and the meaning it reflects are unique. A perfect curtain made of a perfect fabric, customized with the creativeness of a person adds a lot of beauty to the look of the home. A piece of cloth can’t be taken and hung in a window. Before buying a curtain, one has to consider the design, fabric, cost and style. Those tropical window curtains with bright flowers, leaves, sea shore, etc. will give a pleasant ambiance in seasons like winter.

As discussed in the winter tips in precautionary steps like covering the windows and doors by curtains will safeguard the home during cold seasons.

Style of the curtain and drapes
There are different styles of curtains and drapes. They are decorative curtains, in which the top or heading of the curtain is decorated with frilled type drape. Casement or panel or pole top curtain, which has drapes on the top. French pleat curtains, in which the small portions of the curtains are pleated as three and hold by a tape. Grommet curtains have metal holes at the top of it and specialty curtains, which can be gathered at the side of the window.

Fabric material
Each fabric material will possess a unique duration period depending on the thread count. Based on the thread count, the usage of the curtains will also vary. A fabric material which has low thread count will allow light and heat through it. So when deciding for a curtain with the objective of not blocking the light and heat, this fabric material can be chosen. When opting of a dark ambiance in a room like a bedroom, fabric material with high thread count can be considered, as more the thread count more the light and heat will be avoided. The various choices of fabric materials are polyester, cotton, silk, linen, velvet and lace.

Customized curtains offer the liability of choosing the fabrics of our choice. In choosing the fabric, cost should be considered, because the look and the finishing of a customized curtain will demand more money. Material cost can be reduced when having a clear idea of choosing the apt fabric for the parts of the curtain. Interior decors are also one of the money saving technique, even there is a certain charge for them.
Extra additions
Hanging a piece of cloth may serve for the purpose of a curtain. In additional to curtain, there are drapes which are used as decorative pieces of cloth above and below the curtain. When aiming for a royal look, these drapes promise to provide that rich look even to an ordinary curtain.

Curtains are not simple hangings on the door and window. It can portray the personality of the house. A well-crafted curtain with apt fabric material with lovely drapes gives an elegant look to an ordinary house. Curtains also help in reflecting light and heat during winters. Best curtains can be crafted by considering the above facts in mind.

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