Tuesday, 19 July 2016

How ESA Works And How To Claim The Benefits

When you are disabled, you find it hard to do the 9- 5 job.   You should work even if you are ill to generate income for your family.  Your family will struggle a lot financially without your income. To support the employees at the disabled time, Employment and Support Allowances (ESA) were introduced. There is a huge increase in the number of people searching the esa contact number nowadays. ESA helps the disable people by providing money to meet their expenses. You can get money on a permanent basis or temporary basis depending on your ill.

It is really a complex benefit but the employee who is ill can claim this allowances. The value of the Allowances is purely based on your individual health condition and situation. To get the benefits of Employment and Support Allowances you will be assessed on various factors.

The first thing the government decides is your work history. It checks whether you are eligible to get this amount based on either income-related ESA or contribution-based ESA.  When you are in a permanent job then you are already covered under National insurance, in turn, you can enjoy the benefits of contribution-based ESA. When are you not in a job or getting a low salary, then you come under second type, income-related ESA.    

The second factor into consideration is your health. Once you applied for the ESA you are requested to do Work Capability Assessment. The aim of this assessment is to find out whether you are eligible to claim ESA and you can have the potential to work further. You must explain your illness details to the officials even if you feel uncomfortable to share. After this test, the officials will decide in which of the below given two groups you fall under. 

The first group is Word-related Activity group and the second one is Support group. In this first meeting, the beneficial officials arrange regular meetings for you till to help you in finding a right job and you should attend it regularly. If you ignore the meeting, the benefits will be stopped. 

In the support group, the government finalizes that you are unable to work anymore and you don’t want to attend any interviews. The benefit amount depends also on the group which it belongs to. The benefit amount varies based on your age too. If you are more than 25 years then you can get more amount than the below 25 years people.  The total amount is based on whether you are in work-related activity group or support group and you will receive extra amount if are in income-related ESA. You can get an additional amount from other persons when you are severely disabled from other people.

You should contact the Employment and Support Allowances professionals and check fix an appointment with them. To make your work simple dial the number 0800 055 6688 on Monday to Friday between 8 am to 6 pm. The second option is you can fill the benefits form and hand it to Job Centre Plus Office to avail the benefits.

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