Monday, 13 July 2015

The Most Important Consideration While Buying Business Phone

When small companies are looking for phone systems to install in their organization, they are confronted with a myriad of information about VOIP systems. Comparison between VOIP systems and traditional digital/analogy systems is very common and very confusing too for people who do not have much knowledge about telecom systems. While choosing a telecom system, people tend to spend more time on deciding useless things. They forget to decide the most important thing whether to buy a PBX or key system. The company provides their guide to help you decide what kind of systems is suited for which type of organization. You can discuss the pros and cons of every system with the installer company.
It is good to listen to the consultant who explains you about all their system it is still advisable that read a little yourself also. The guide provided by the company contains all the details. Go through all the details and decide which can be the most suitable one as well as cost effective for your company. Wrong telephone systems can disrupt your business very badly. Moreover, if the system demands lots of money investment, it can lead you to a financial crunch. Rather than comparing between VOIP and traditional systems compare between PBX or key systems. The later comparison will be more beneficial for you.
Functions of PBX and Key systems are completely different, and they are most widely used systems in any organization. To decide, which option suits your organization the best, take help of telecom experts. There are consultancy companies to help you with the telecom features. Their guide can be a great savior for you. They offer unbiased suggestions. A telecom company salesperson can try to impress you with the most expensive systems in their company. But your job is not to install the most latest expensive system but to install he most effective devices for your organization.
In a key system, each telephone set is provided with a set of buttons that actually represents each line of telephone outside. When a line is busy, a red light illuminated over the button. Now if you need to make an outside call, you have to make a call through some other line. The problem with key systems is that they offer very limited room for expansion. If your business expands a little, you will start facing problem with the pre-installed system. For up gradation, there a lot of issues you will have to face. Before installing this system, think of all the factors, then finalize or it can create a problem for you in just a small span of time. Second is the private branch exchange (PBX) is for large volume of incoming and outgoing calls.

In PBX system, generally the call is answered by an automated system. Once answered then the call is transferred to the appropriate person for answering the call. The call is not monitored by any automated device. The direct inward dial is also a facility available in many PBX systems. DID is a facility to directly route any outside call to the inward extensions. In case, the call is not answered by one end user a pre-programmed path will be followed that will guide the system to handle the call. Usually, the coverage oath is to leave a voice mail. In PBX, there is no set of buttons to route the outside call. All the outside calls are merged into a single line pool. There are more call lines than buttons.

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