Saturday, 13 June 2015

Top 10 Ways to Be More Present in Your Life

As wife mother, and a tiny business owner,, I am a busy gal. And as a creative entrepreneur, I 've enough ideas to keep me going 24/7 for years to come. And I like to paint, draw, quilt, cross stitch, compose, run, hike...

Sadly in a few ways, though, I appear to be cabled to work, work, work, and play after. "I will do such and such AFTER I do my work."

Imagine when that occurs?

Yep... never! I never get ALL my work. What I found was that I'd get to the proverbial end of regular business hours, and I felt panicked and frenetic and distressed.

"Oh, no! I can not stop now! Look at all this there's to do! I will need to work tonight after dinner and following the children go to bed!" or a plaintive, wailing, "Everything I did not get done today will have to get done tomorrow! And tomorrow is not already empty! I need to keep working!"

That was my life every day.

Subsequently, a year or so past, instead of sleeping in, I began getting up at 6:00 with my husband am when he'd take my daughter to school. I curled up in my favourite red seat, fixed myself a cup of tea, and read or journaled.

The initial day I found a huge change. By the end of the day, I felt more grounded and centered. No frenetic, distressed energy. I 'd a more realistic, objective perspective of the things left on such an day's to-do list... "It'll get done... all in good time."

It was an astonishing feeling not having panic and that anxiety beginning to construct during the day and reaching a crescendo by late afternoon.

I needed that feeling (and the dearth of freneticism) every day, so I started getting up early every morning for Morning time.

Here's what I found: I 've to have that me time first thing in the morning. For a long time, I Have said I should take a rest in the day to really go for a walk, go shopping, read, do art (because why work at home in the event you can not?). And it simply did not occur. Once I began rolling in the deep of work, the impetus only needed to keep going, and it was quite hard to discontinue it (no matter how less crazy it was).

Nevertheless , as soon as I did my thing at the start of the day, that worked. What is amusing is that I am considerably more inclined to take some of these breaks during the day, also and was. It was like an easing into my day instead of running like mad, jumping into it, and falling in the ending.

Rather, my day starts out with a metaphorical warm-up perhaps some extreme weight work, intervals of rest aerobic, some aerobic exercise, and a cool down at the ending.

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